USDI is registered at the Department of Labor and Employment
Philippines (DOLE) Regional Office No. VII
Number ROVII-2017-10-006-TCFO
TIN: 005-103-688-000

Long before the existence of Cebu Port Authority, cargo handling at Cebu Port had been undertaken by various cargo handlers operating individually. These cargo handlers form an association among themselves and arrived at rules and regulations in order not to step out of their boundaries.

When the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) was promulgated on 23 December 1975, there were many changes in the port management. One of the major changes is the integration of the cargo handling service providers. PPA took over the management and operation of Cebu Port on 1 April 1977.

On 25 October 1977, United South Dockhandlers, Inc. (USDI) was formed when eleven (11) arrastre operators in the Port of Cebu joined together and signed a Memorandum of Agreement to conform to the PPA’s policy.

Business operation started on 1 January 1978 and since then the PPA recognized USDI as the sole and exclusive arrastre/stevedoring operator in the Port of Cebu City.

The following arrastre/stevedoring companies formed the USDI:

  • Vismin Stevedors & Forwarders, Inc.
  • Solid Arrastre & Forwarding Co., Inc.
  • Masayon Arrastre & Forwarding Corp.
  • Cebu Materials Handling Corp
  • Sto. Niño Stevedoring & Arrastre Corp.
  • Panama Arrastre & Forwarding Co., Inc.
  • Cebu Integrated Arrastre, Inc.
  • Cenvis Arrastre Services, Inc.
  • Bisaya Arrastre
  • Cebu Allied Maritime Services, Inc.
  • Integrated Port Services (Cebu), Inc.

Between the years 1979 and 1992, the remaining legitimate corporate members of the organization are:

  • Vismin Stevedors & Forwarders, Inc.
  • Solid Arrastre & Forwarding Co., Inc.
  • Sto. Niño Stevedoring & Arrastre Corp.
  • Panama Arrastre & Forwarding Co., Inc.
  • Cebu Allied Maritime Services, Inc.

Sometime in 1996, during the merger of WG&A, Unit E was dropped and was automatically dissolved. Key personnel and skilled workers of this unit were absorbed by the remaining four units that presently compose the USDI.

On March 16, 2007, a new management team was formed and new members of the board were elected for efficient management and delivery of arrastre and stevedoring services. Presently, USDI is serving the following major shipping lines in Cebu:

  • 2Go Group Inc.
  • Philippine Span Asia Carries Corporation (formerly Sulpicio Lines, Inc.)
  • Escano Lines. Inc.

USDI was awarded the Certificate of Registration for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System last August 23, 2012 and was re-certified last August 27, 2015 by the AJA Registrars Inc, making USDI the only cargo handling services ISO certified in the domestic port of Cebu. To demonstrate its aggressiveness to compete globally, USDI’s aim to be certified for ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System was achieved last May 11, 2016.


To be the fastest, most customer-focused cargo handler in the Philippines.

As a cargo and stevedoring company, USDI provides full turnaround services covering al activities from cargo operation in and out of the ship, to receipt or dispatch of cargo from port premises. The services of USDI include container stuffing/stripping, complete handling of various types of dry container vans, reefer vans, break bulk, rolling cargoes and others.

USDI offers comprehensive vessel cargo handling services and it ensures that the hight industry standards are followed. Likewise, the company’s professional and experience personnel are dedicated towards building trustworthy relation with our clients, especially shipping line owners and operators.


Continual Improvements of processes and Meeting Customer requirements and even exceeding to customer’s expectation:

Through the following:

  • Providing “Quality Services” as Cargo Handling Provider;
  • Implementing “ON TIME” delivery of services both internal and external customer;
  • Being cost effective in our activities;
  • Optimizing the use of our resources;
  • Zero Claims; and
  • Promoting Quality and Environmental Management System Awareness, improvement on competence of employees by providing training programs based on TNA.

Quality & Environmental Policy

We at USDI are committed to continuously satisfy our customers by providing Unified, Speedy, Direct and with Integrity customer service. As cargo handler, we are also committed to the protection of environment and are determined to minimize any adverse impacts as a result of its operational activities.

We will do this by:

Ø Complying with the customers, legal and other requirements related to our environmental aspects by setting specific improvement targets, monitor progress and communicate results internally;

Ø We will inform and motivate all our employees and encourage them to play an active role in USDI’s commitment to its quality and environmental policy.

Ø We will demonstrate continual improvement and innovation in our processes and quality objectives and environmental performance through our highly motivated, competent and empowered employees by actively considering resource conservation, source reduction and sustainability approaches in our operational activities.

Ø We will continue to promote, develop and implement pollution and waste prevention, reduction, re-use and recycle on-site in a systematic and cost effective manner.